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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 14, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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fair share on lottery tickets. america, meet the ocean 16. with megamerger of airlines make your flights more expensive? the federal government thinks so and makes a deal to block. even hooters wants nothing to do with the mayor of san diego. we'll explain on "way too early." good morning, everybody. wednesday, august 14th of 2013. we actually have a lot of overnight news to get to, so we want to start with breaking news from louisiana where a hostage situation turned deadly at the bank in the town of st. joseph's. police say gunman killed one person and shot another before a member of the s.w.a.t. team shot
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him after the 12-hour siege. the 20-year-old took three hostages just after noon yesterday. he released one after nine ho s hours. police spokesman said that the gunman was a paranoid schizophrenic and had planned to do harm. we're following new clashes overnight in egypt. the muslim brotherhood are claiming that dozens of its brothers are dead. they fired tear gas at the crowds to break up a sit-in that was supporting former president mohamed morsi who was removed from power last month. ayman joins us from cairo. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, brian. the operations as we understand it is still ongoing. it became after 6:30 a.m. here
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in the capital of cairo. one of those has been completely cleared out and now completely under the control of egyptian police and the military. the other one is still ongoing and that seems to be the area where the flash point continues. now, according to the ministry of health at least 13 people have been killed. but the muslim brotherhood and its supporters claim that the total is much higher, 150 people. but security here in the capital and across the country remains very tense. egyptian military units have been deployed around the capital of kcairo. clashes in the country are starting to trickle in. eyewitness accounts of the ousted president and police have been using live ammunition. some of the pictures coming out have been horrendous. some type of violence taking place. the operation is still ongoing
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for the next several hours. brian? >> twitter has a lot of news from egypt. a newly revealed delay in obama care, another full year until the government limits out of pocket costs for health coverage a report in the "new york times" explains how federal officials have delayed a provision in the law to cap the amount for co-payments. under the new changes that won't go into effect until 2015. patient advocate groups said that the delay will have a significant impact as some insurers will be allowed to set higher costs throughout the next year cory booker took a major step toward becoming new jersey's next senator.
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with booshg won a clear majority. >> they say that i -- that say that we are being naive. to them i say, have you ever met us? do you know where i have been working for the last 17 years? do you know that -- do you know that this is newark, new jersey? and we don't do naive. >> booker now faces steve lonegan. and gearing up for the october special election. >> mayor cory booker has been elected. he's been anointed by hollywood. the hollywood elite have been descended from their penthouse apartments from the heights of the hollywood hills to come to new jersey to tell us who our
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next senator is. anthony weiner lagging in the polls, in last night's first debate, the contenders took on the tactics. the issue did come up during an exchange with christine quinn. >> here's the profound difference, have apologized for my personal behavior the speaker refuses to apologize for overturning the will of the people and the slush fund scandal. that's the difference. i have owned up to my personal failings. i have a record that i'm proud of and i'll will be honest with the citizens of this city. >> let me just say, i think it's very clear to all new yorkers that neither me or anybody else on this stage or any new yorker quite frankly should be lectured by anthony weiner what we need to apologize for tonight and
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forever. there was a follow-up to weiner's suggestion on monday that he knew what role his wife huma would play on the hillary clinton's 2016 penalty shl campaign. >> you read the transcript. do i know what my wife is doing? yes, it's a joke. yes, but if i tell you i would have to kill you. it's joke. >> what will her role be in the presidential campaign. i think he left off that phrase. according to a new poll, bill deblasio has surged to the lead. in a runoff deblasio easily defeats christine quinn. deblasio appears to be benefiting of the recent rulings
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of the city's stop and frisk policy. we'll have more on the race of mayor when bill deblasio joins us on the set of "morning joe." federal government looking to block the merger of united and u.s. ashws airways. the department has approved three other airline mergers since 2008. in a joint statement both arlts are vowing to fight the government and they're going to fight the court. blocking this pro-competitive merger will deny customers access to a broader airline network that gives them more choices. all right, to business where the markets still reacting to every single word from the federal reserve when and if
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they'll start winding down their bond-boying program. the big news on the day was apple which saw its stock surges on a single tweet from a prominent billionaire activist investor. let's check in london. mr. icahn strikes again. >> absolutely. this is phenomenal. he added $13 billion on the day to the value of appleby tweeting that he has an interest in the stock and that he's been talking to mr. cook about the possibility of using the huge cash surplus over at and toll buy back more stock. now, you know and i know that apple has been one-way trade and that is lower. it appears that mr. icahn has stopped the decline. and the market getting much more interested in this now that he's gotten involved in the story. another place that you need tokeep looking at aol, this is
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a new service that aol supports was fired very publicly in a conference called by tim armstrong the ceo of aol. he called put that camera right now. abel, you're fired. out. five seconds later to stunned silence, mr. armstrong proceeded with the rest of the conference. he said i'm really sorry. i shouldn't have fired him so publicly. >> but he still fired him. very quickly, jeff, coc coca-cola their nonsugary drinks. >> diet drinks have been good. we thought they were doing fine here and it's just the main act
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the sugary product has seen declining sales here. coke coming out with a very big ad campaign. there appears to be a decline in the diet coke product. they need to address some of the concerns healthwise over aspartane. 16 new jersey public employees are now millionaires after winning part of that $448 million jackpot. they came together in a colorful news conference yesterday. >> we lost our home in the storm. i stayed with my brother for a few months. first thing i'm going to do is buy my daughter and me a home and bring my dog back home. it's been an extremely rough year since then, but i did -- when we lost everything, this
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whole group and everyone i work with pulled me through. >> i started shaking. i was shaking. i opened up the bedroom door. >> i hope they manage their money well. each of them chipped in 6 bucks for the drawing. they'll take home $3.8 million. so, please save and invest some of that money. all right, so the start of the press conference undoubtedly that guy. william, you heard him at the open of the show, little random, it's the perfect caption contest, folks, your most creative captions. still ahead on "way too early" -- tom brady, hall of
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fame qb, beautiful wife and beautiful family, he needs to stay focused. speaking of hall of fame careers, we'll soon get some brand-new insight into the life of that man, ron burgundy. we'll have that info ahead in the water cooler. and a check on the weather. we're in the midst of what appears to be a colossal and history-making blackout. midtown manhattan, no traffic lights, sixth avenue is left to become a pedestrian mall. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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number 44 on the season, that's the big in the bigs. bottom of the ninth, 3-2, o's. solo home run to left. sends it to extra innings. what does he do? opposite field. does it again in the 11th. walkoff home run. one to tie it and one to win it. they put dirt down his back. i don't get that one, that's kind of gross and bubble gum on his head. and of course the gatorade shower. and the sideline reporters stayed clean the whole time. red sox blue jays. top of the 11th. 2-2. shane victorino, this guy, the fans at fenway love him and now in toronto they don't like him very much. two rbis. they hang on to win it, 6-4. rays lost to boston.
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tom brady one of the best quarterbacks of all time, married to one of the most beautiful women alive that doesn't mean he's not a normal guy, during the last preseason game, female walks by, he took a little look, gave a little eyebrow, how you doing? not -- i mean -- >> the second guy. >> i don't know. but, he's a normal guy. >> i think he gave the look to the second guy going by. i'm going to defend brady for the first time ever in my life on that one. i got to chime in on that one. >> do the new england weather. >> please. >> we're losing the battle, it looks like, against summer, fall is really takes its grip way early than we would like it.
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this morning, the temperatures have dropped, i mean, even in texas the cold front is moving through, showers and thunderstorms moving right over the top of dallas this morning and the temperatures are cool. we're about 16 degrees cooler right now than we were yesterday in areas of ohio, it's much cooler d.c. to philadelphia, baltimore, it's 51 degrees right now in detroit. i mean, it's jacket weather in the great lakes this morning. beautiful afternoon, though, enjoy this. this looks to stay with us right through the weekend. from chicago to minneapolis to new york. a great little stretch. boston will be nice, too, by the way. >> i saw leaves falling. >> that's probably a dead tree. >> they shouldn't be falling this early. coming up at the top of the hour on morning joe we're tra tracking breaking news from egypt. a live report. when we come back here -- the cooler. not sure if it was possible that
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at the top of the show we talked about the one-year delay
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in the part of obama care, if you want to sound smart today you can tell your friends there are 84 million americans who do not have health insurance annually the u.s. spends $2 trillion on health care related expenses. a healthy man right now for the cooler. mr. lewis. good morning. >> thank you, brian. let's start with jimmy kimmel, he's in the back to school sort of move. he may have discovered a pint-sized star. >> our local fox 11 news, there's a brand-new school in korea town, they were interviewing the students as they came up. they happened upon an upbeat second grader. >> you were little nervous last night. you couldn't sleep last night. >> yeah. >> so you didn't know that you were going to be the first student ever to come to this school. >> yes, yes. >> you hit the jackpot.
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>> yes. >> you know you're the first student? >> yeah. are you excited? >> yeah. >> yes. do you anything else to say to people? >> yes. >> what do you have to say? >> yes. >> yes. now, you may recall when president lyndon johnson said if i lost cronkite i lost middle america. that may have happened to bob filner. leaders on both side are calling for his resignation. four hooters restaurants in san diego have posted signs saying they will not serve him. respect for women and a belief that people should have high standards. if he's lost hooters he's lost san diego. speaking of san diego, we're getting a major announcement from what many believe -- consider as the mayor of san
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diego. >> do you know who i am? >> no. i can't say that i do. >> i don't know how to put this. but, i'm kind of a big deal. >> really? >> people know me. >> ron burgundy is finally writing a memoir the beloved television anchor will write a tell-all. it's due out in november. coincidentally his second movie will be released in december. he feels pretty good about the book -- you got to love ron burgundy. finally, i have to leave you with some food news. the phenomenon of the cronut continues to grow. the canadian national exhibition is now featuring the maple jam
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cronut. it may be the first to incorporate the burger with the brilliance of the c croissant dougnut. >> that's like yesterday. lewis, would you like tell the story of you and hooters when we were on the road for the conventions. >> yes. >> no. i would suggest that -- you wouldn't believe what happened. we've save it for the next half-hour. hooters came to him. coming up -- possibly a big win for all of you travelers out there as the government steps in to stop a major merger in the airline industry. we'll tell you why. also anthony weiner goes on the defense in the new york
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mayoral debates. and he clarifies his statement on a possible 2016 hillary clinton campaign. and finally our sit-down interview with oprah winfrey and lee daniels on their new film "the butler." and the latest of the success of the own network. lot of people were saying it wasn't going to happen, wasn't going to happmake it. we got news good news on that. jeremy peters, kathleen parker and new york city mayoral candidate bill deblasio will join us. still ahead on "way too early" -- powerball caption contest. your most creative tweets on that one. "morning joe" just moments away. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. we have had some fun with the new jersey powerball winners, including the gentleman who really stole the show at the news conference. we have a kopgs contest. we have the photo. we're not going to show the
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photo. some responses for the caption. >> we have luck dynasty. we also have the dude abides. >> we also have philly deejay. "morning joe" start right now. all right, good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, august 14th. welcome to "morning joe." what a beautiful morning. what have msnbc contributor mike


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